How to find a parking in Edinburgh

If you drive to Edinburgh, you need to find a parking space for your car. Unfortunately, parking in Edinburgh is not easy, sometimes it is very challenging or need a bit of your luck.

I am writing this article, especially for our guests travelling to Edinburgh. We provide some essential information of car parking in Edinburgh central areas as following cateogories:

Parking at Edinburgh Holiday Guest House

At Edinburgh Holiday Guest House (7 Minto Street), there are limited free on-site parking available at its front yard. It is for parking upto 4 cars at our front yard. The parking policy is first come first serve. We don’t reserve parking for anyone, unless you are a blue badge permit holder.

If on-site parking is full, you may still find on-street parking at nearby streets, e.g. Blacket Place, Mayfield Terrace etc. There are some parking bays and they are free between 17:30 – 8:30 (next morning) and weekends.

Parking map for Edinburgh Holiday Guest House

Parking at Airdenair Guest House

At Airdenair Guest House, there is no on-site parking facility available. But on-street parking is available around Airdenair Guest House. But there are some parking restrictions and permit only areas may need your attention.

All unmarked streets (i.e. no line drawn) are FREE to park. Residents permit holder only parking areas (with dashed line) are operating between 9:30am to 11:00am (1.5 hours) weekdays. Weekend (11am Friday onward) is free to park everywhere around.

Please refer to the image below for free on-street parking around:

Parking Map around Airdenair Guest House
Parking map around Airdenair Guest House

It suggests that you can park your car anywhere (except double yellow lines) after 11am until 9:30 next morning on weekdays and the entire weekends. Before restricted hours, you may move your car to unmarked areas, for example in the evening which is easier to find a spot than in daytime.

For blue-badget holders: Your car is still restricted to park in permit-holder-only areas during the restricted hours. However, you are allowed to park your car at double yellow line at anytime as long as it is not obstructive to the traffic.

Parking in Edinburgh’s different areas

Parking in Edinburgh centre may be difficult. We always suggest our guests to use public transport or walk to the centre and leave their car parking somewhere near to your guest house or with free parking. When you have a free parking spot, it will save you a lot of hussles in your visit.

Good news: there are Parking Holidays in Edinburgh to allow free parking in the city (you can park at any unmarked, or single yellow line area).

  • Christmas Day (25th Dec)
  • Boxing Day (26th Dec)
  • New Year’s Day (1st Jan)
  • Easter Monday
  • and Sundays

However, you have to drive to the city sometimes. Depend on how long you plan to stay and where you visit, you may have several options to park your car:

  • On street parking for quick park&go (from £2.40 – £5.40 per hour)
  • Long stay car park for a few hours or more

You may find more information about locations, price and operating times at official Edinburgh council parking page:

Pay for your parking, permit and blue badge holder permit

We recommend you to pay your parking with RingGo app. It is easy to renew your parking session without rushing back.

Otherwise, call parking service on 0131 469 5400 or email them in advance:

Visitor’s Parking Permit

You can ask our guest house staff to buy a parking permit for nearby paid on-street parking. Unfortunately, you have to pay via RingGo app or pay machine for central zones.

Blue Badge Holder Permit

You may still REQUIRE a permit to park at specific area (such as “Permit only area”). Please ask staff for details.

If you need more detailed or specific information, please do not hesitate to contact me.